Getting Streatham back on track

Streatham is becoming more popular for residents and business and here at Lambeth Council we know we need a transport system that reflects this.

We have missed out on a number of recent transport initiatives and have been adversely affected by the works at London Bridge station. Our public meeting earlier this year gave us a good idea of the transport issues that ultimately impact on quality of life, jobs and growth in the area. We want to get your feedback on the ideas that have been put forward so far and we’ll be using the results to help shape our campaign to improve Streatham’s transport links.

Let's be realistic - we can't fix everything, which is why we want to know what is most important to you so we can focus our efforts into those projects.

It's a short survey so shouldn't take much of your time. Just rank the issues in order of importance and we'll take it from there.

If you have any further questions, please contact

Thanks for taking part.